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Advertising Memberships are $10/month with no commitments or contracts, and the first month is free. That’s two months of exposure for $10, and with most budgets already stretched thin it’s a great service to allocate $10 to.

Even if you don’t want a Membership we’ll still broadcast your commercial daily for a month on THE TV.

The Memberships includes your logo or company info on screen during an episode on one of our shows. You can select the show you want but it’s based on availability.

Our six-hour programming block broadcasts four times daily so your logo and info will air four times on it’s scheduled dates. You get three shows each month with a Membership.

Estimated monthly on-screen time 240 minutes. Additionally, your info will be displayed in the following places as the episode’s Sponsor:

Listed in the ends credits of the episode ~ Posted on our Facebook page

If your company has a commercial or promo video then it will broadcast daily on THE TV during your Membership. If you don’t have one then we can create a thirty-second corporate video for a fee of $20. The video is yours to use however and wherever you choose.

For more info contact us at 714-975-6040 or contact@itsonthetv.com

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