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DITTO is a TV game show based on a simple game of memory. Matching pairs of icons are gradually removed from the DITTO board, and it slowly reveals a zoomed an image that contestants can solve to win bonus points at the end of rounds.

Each turn contestants pick a pair of numbers on the board. Matching icons awards the contestant with five seconds added to there game clock. No match passes control to their opponent. Matching icons also reveal 2 pieces of the bonus image and allows him/her a chance to guess what the image is.

During the rounds contestants are playing to add time to their game clock. Both contestants play the final round on a smaller board and the winner is whomever has the most matches in the shortest amount of time.


Episode 5: A champion falls.

Episode 4: His confidence faded early.

Episode 2: How lucky can a person get?


Win money playing DITTO just like contestants on the TV game show. Every week the top score on the leaderboard wins a $100 Visa gift card.

Must be at least 18 years old to play. No purchase necessary.

Claim prizes at: contact@itsonthetv.com. You’ll be asked to verify the username and password for your top score.

Leaderboard resets Monday mornings at 12am Pacific Standard Time.

%streaming tv network %game shows
%streaming tv network %game shows
%streaming tv network %game shows
%streaming tv network %game shows
%streaming tv network %game shows
%streaming tv network %game shows
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