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Looks is a TV competition where make-up artists (MUA) can win a cash prize and their own show on our network THE TV. The contestants take part in weekly challenges to progress through the competition, which are judged by the hosts, and votes tallied from the viewing audience eliminate contestants. 

Each episode the MUA compete in a photo submission challenge and main challenge. At the end the photo challenges, the contestants have a round-table-type discussion where they each make vote, Like or Dislike, for each photo. The two contestants with the most dislikes are paired together for the viewer’s vote and whomever has the lowest vote count between them will not be able to use their brushes or hair dryer if advancing to the next episode.

MUA are given 90 minutes to complete the main challenge looks. At the end of the challenge, the hosts and contestants discuss each look. Elimination are announced at the beginning of the following week’s episode.

The season starts with eight MUA trying to survive seven elimination episodes to win.

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